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True First Time

True First Time

I have been bi for a number of years. I knew I was interested in guys when I was very young. I would think about how I would handle a cock once I had it in my hand.

When the opportunity presented itself I truly panicked. I didn't now what to do and begged off and left totally confused. I had yet to suck my first cock and I was not certain if I could.

Finally I decided it was the fish or cut bait deal.

I worked in the service industry, specifically installing furnaces and such. I was in the city and had time to kill and visited a regular book store. It wasn't a porn store but did have the latest in porn magazines. As I stood looking at the magazines a guy about my age entered and stood beside me.

He reached up and took a gay mag and I hurriedly put the girlie mag back and grabbed a gay mag as well. I wanted him to notice. We sort of gave each other the sideways glance thing but did not acknowledge each other.

After a short time I left and headed back to my truck. On my way to my next job I turned toward the river. In the summer time this is a great drive as women and men jog along in their tight shorts and the benefits are self explanatory. As I made my last turn I noticed the guy from the book store trying to hitch a ride. To this day I don't know where I got the nerve but I stopped and picked him up.

His apartment was only a few blocks a way and we chatted a bit. Turns out he was gay. He asked about me and I admitted my desires and my reluctance to follow through. He said he understood as he got out of the truck and wished me luck. He had given me his first name and after he was safely in I drove around the block, entered his building and got his last name off the residents list posted in the lobby.
I finished my day and went home. My wife wasn't home from her job yet so I grabbed the phone book, this was well before the internet made things so easy. I found his number and figured I had lucked out. It took a bit of convincing to call but I was able to talk myself into it. Again my luck held and he was home.

His name was Gord. He was taller than I, slightly balding, slim and sort of cute. As we talked I realized that Gord was just an ordinary guy, gay but down to earth. Why had I expected less? Preconceived ideas? I am not certain but I am glad I was wrong. We made plans for me to meet him at his work the next time I was in the city.

A couple of weeks went by and although Gord was not my main focus I had not forgot about him. Finally my boss sent me towards the city.

If you know your service well enough you could complete the entire eight hour work load in five and a half to six hours. I set out to do just that. I arranged my calls so that when I finished I would be close enough to go to his work. Nervous was the way I was feeling. What if he did not want to see me? What if he forgot who I was? Shit what if he was just playing around? All these thoughts were instantly blown a way when he saw me. He smiled and we chatted for a bit. He was off work in about 45 minutes so I waited somewhat patiently. Finally he walked out and we headed to his apartment.

I did my best to stay calm and that was real hard. As we entered his apartment he turned, pushed the door shut behind me and gently placed his hands on my shoulders. Applying light pressure he pushed me to my knees and removed his cock. It was big. I know everyone says that but I had only seen a cock this big in magazines. At this point in my life I had never been with a guy.

As I took that cock in my hand I reveled in the weight of it. I examined the head and as he became hard I could feel the strength in his rod. Man I was turned on but noticed my own cock was still soft. The moment of truth was now and I had to decide. I leaned forward towards the head and he gently placed it against my lips. When I opened my mouth and allowed it to enter two things were brought to my attention. First despite how hard his cock was, and it was very hard, the head was so soft I could not believe it. I was hooked right then.

The second thing was I was not ready or able to deep throat this cock. I did my best until he was close to cumming. Abruptly he pulled out of my mouth, stroked his cock about three times then shoved it back into my mouth. The first squirt was a complete surprise because he gave no warning Not until his third blast did he groan loud. I had a mouth full and since his cock was still in my mouth I could only swallow. That is what I wanted at any rate and was grateful for this my first load.

From that point on I was hooked. Gord and I continued to see each other once as often as for the next five years or so, unfortunately a new position presented itself and I took the opportunity and ended up moving a few hours a way. luxury escorts paris

Gord had introduced me to the pleasures of giving and receiving head. We did try anal but there was no way that cock was getting into my tight virgin ass. He also introduced me to his friends, one of whom was a transvestite.

That is a story for another time.
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